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BLENDED LEARNING - Y1 Turtles at home until 21st September

Following Public Health England advice, some children in Y1 Turtles are self-isolating.  

Below are learning activities to access from home.

You can email Mrs Hirani at: ahirani6.310@lgflmail.org

Monday 14th September

Good morning!

Below are activities for your child today.  Normally this afternoon would be PE so please try some exercise at home if you can.

https://vimeo.com/451798412 - Maths lesson 1

https://vimeo.com/452573080‚Äč - Maths lesson 2

Friday 11th September


This week we have been recapping the EYFS Maths early learning goals, focusing on counting to 20, ordering the 20, counting objects to 20 and identifying one more and one less than a number. You can also do some practical activities at home to build on this like counting some household objects, doing movements up to 20 (e.g. star jumps or hops) and building a tower of lego using a number of cubes.

Reading and writing

‚ÄčThis week we have been recapping our Set 1 sounds and looking at blending sounds together to read words.You can practise this at home with your children by reading anything you have at home. We have also practised using our sounds to write short words. Try this at home by sounding out words together and writing them.


The children have been learning about culture and what their culture means to them. We have drawn some self portraits and discussed our similarities and differences, talked about our own religions and customs and share some projects the children have made at home.

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